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Muscle Up Program 1-Day Sample

Muscle Up Program Details:

  • 6-Week template with 3 days a week training included.
  • Instant downloadable pdf so you can plug your plan into your schedule ahead of time and make it work for you.
  • Designed to be completed as a 30 minute ADD-ON to your regular gym classes before the class begins or in a separate session.

Week 3 Day 1

Part A: Warm Up

Row, Bike, Ski or Skip (5 minutes)

3 Sets (For Quality)

10 Ring Kip Swings
10 Band Pull-Aparts (Slow and controlled)
4-6 Chest To Ring Pullups (Use bands to scale)

Part B: Specific


Level 1
1 Ring Pull Up + 1 Strict Ring Muscle Up + 1 Strict Dip
Note: Perfect form, no kipping in pull-up or dip.

Level 2 (No strict ring muscle up)
1 Banded Strict Pull Up + 1 Banded Strict Ring Muscle Up + 1 Banded Strict Dip (Setup Video)
Note: Use a band strong enough to allow you to perform a movement without deviating from form.

Part C: Strength

4 Sets

Level 1
Max Unbroken Strict Pull Ups
Note: Rest 2-3 Minutes Between Sets

Level 2
Max Unbroken Banded Strict Pull Ups
Note: Rest 2-3 Minutes Between Sets

Part D: Accessory

Accumulate 4 min in a plank position (straight arms)

Strength Program Sample