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Our Open Prep Program is tailored for athletes looking to improve their placement in the Open or any other online style qualifier, while still participating in group class workouts at their local gym.

Program Details

  • 8-Week template with 5 days a week training included.
  • Instant downloadable pdf so you can plug your plan into your schedule ahead of time and make it work for you.
  • Dedicated online qualifier style program, structured around increasing athletes muscular endurance, work capacity, anaerobic power, and skills in a smart and efficient manner.
  • Designed to be completed as an ADD-ON to your regular gym classes before the class begins or in a separate session.


If placing higher on the leaderboard is important to you, you have to stop wasting your time with random class workouts that will not carry over to the energy systems that are required for the Open.

  • Drastically increase your work capacity.
  • Ability to go through a long metabolic workout without feeling gassed.
  • Push harder and recover faster after quick anaerobic bursts.
  • Increase barbell cycling speed, efficiency & be able to lift heavier loads under fatigue.
  • Increase your muscle endurance capacity for strict and kipping gymnastics movements.

Can I still do group class workouts?

Yes, this is exactly what the goal of this program is!

The training is meant to be completed as an ADD-ON to your regular gym classes, ideally before the class begins. For novice athletes, it may just be enough stimulus to use this as a COMPLETE program, without any additional volume.

How long does each session take?

For most days, please allow approximately 20-40 minutes to complete all parts (A, B & C).

When time is a factor, some of our athletes will only do parts A & B, removing part C from their training. The program is structured in a way that an athlete will still get the correct amount of movement loading per week for all movements that are most likely to appear in online qualifiers.

What happens after I finish the program?

Since our programs are based on percentages and rep ranges according to athlete’s work capacity and strength, you are able to repeat our program cycles as many times as you wish.

Can I see a sample of the programming?

Absolutely, visit this page to see a full one week sample of the programming.