Were You Happy With Your Leaderboard Placement In The Last CrossFit Open?

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You need to follow a program that is specifically designed to turn your current weaknesses into strengths, as quick as possible.

If The Open is important to you, you need to stop wasting your time with random class workouts that will not carry over to the energy systems that are required while doing The Open.

You need a structured program that is based on increasing your muscular endurancework capacityanaerobic power, and skills.

Do it as a standalone program or include it in your group class training!

Were You Happy with Your Leaderboard Placement?

If not, you need to stop doing random gym workouts!

The Open Prep Program is designed by top-level coaches that includes scientifically proven methods to maximize your performance, specifically for the Open Qualifier Style workouts. 

  • Are you frustrated with your placement in the Open and feel like you could have done better?
  • Did you have to scale a movement during a workout even though normally you do it RX?
  • You felt like your lungs were about to explode during most workouts.
  • You spent a great amount of time staring at the wall during strict HSPUs, completely exhausted.

Do any of these sound familiar?
You're in luck, because the Open Prep Program was created to solve exactly these problems. With it, you will:

  • Drastically increase your work capacity.
  • Ability to go through a long metabolic workout without feeling gassed.
  • Push harder and recover faster after quick anaerobic bursts.
  • Increase barbell cycling speed, efficiency & be able to lift heavier loads under fatigue.
  • Increase your muscle endurance capacity for strict and kipping gymnastics movements.

What No One Has Told You About What It Takes To Actually Do Well In The Open

By now, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that you will never get the results you want if you just follow the program in your local box. The training plans in most gyms are not designed for the competitive aspect, despite what coaches might tell you. Bluntly put, it is simply not good for business. 

A typical gym program is only designed for the general population such as a high school student, a retired person looking to stay in shape, or someone wanting to lose a few pounds. None of these people care about their leaderboard scores in the open.

Truth is, you need a program that is specifically oriented towards your goal of placing better in open a few months from now. There is only a handful of movements that appeared in the Open since its inception, and yes, every year a new movement is introduced.

However, but we are strong believers in the 80/20 rule, where 80 percent of your work will be towards the known, and the other 20, is being well prepared for the surprises. Remember, reach for the low hanging fruit first.

If you’re stuck in your progress, feeling frustrated and just plain not happy with how you did in the last Open, you’re not alone. The truth is, it’s not your fault that your progress has been lackluster.

With so many options out there, and many unqualified internet coaches saying different things, it is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed.

You Need A Program That Is Specifically Designed For Your Goal To Get Results

First and foremost, The Open (Or any other online qualifier for that matter) is a test of work capacity and muscular endurance. Period. Yes, we agree, overall development is great but if your goal is to kick ass in the open or any other online qualified, then why waste time on movements that will never ever show up during those? 

Yes, doing Turkish Get Ups or Rope Climbs is cool and will most definitely benefit you in the long run, but again, if your goal is getting yourself prepared for The Open wouldn’t it make sense to structure your entire training regimen to reflect that goal and not waste time on “fillers”?

Open Prep Program is designed for someone relatively competitive or someone willing to put in work to achieve their goals, whether it’s the top 500, 1000, or 5000 in their country. 

The goal of this program is to maintain strength while building up anaerobic and peaking the aerobic system. Every week you will be “practicing” open style workouts in order for your body and mind to get used to the stress. Its structure is designed to give you a lot of touches on the movements that are commonly performed during the open without accumulating any overuse injuries during this time. 

Once you experience a well-designed program that is specifically catered towards your goals, you won’t go back. We’ve helped thousands of athletes build the performance and reach their full potential. It is 100% possible.

Stop settling for effort without results. Use Our Program To Prepare For The Open

Here's what you get:

  • Instant access to a PDF file that covers 8-Weeks of Online Qualifier style specific carefully structured programming.
  • 5 days per week “Aerobic Capacity” and “Muscle Endurance” workouts for all levels of athletes!
  • Access to any future updates or releases from the OnlineWOD programming team.

Here's what we cover:

  • Barbell Cycling. Higher reps in Olympic lifting, to prepare your body to keep proper posture and technique during fatigue.
    Aerobic Capacity. Your lactate threshold will be pushed, and this is essential in order to push to the next level, preventing you from fatiguing too early.
    Gymnastics Skills. You will perfect and build up muscular endurance of bar muscle-ups, ring muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, chest-to-bar and HSPU.
    Stimulus Training. Heavier lifts in combination with conditioning, making you faster and stronger during the WODs.

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CrossFit Open Prep

Programming Sample

Week 1 Day 1

A. EMOM 10
Odd: 40-60 Double Unders
Even: 10-16 Wallballs @20lbs-10ft/14lbs-9ft

B. 3 Rounds
Max T2B in 1 minute
Rest 1:00 b/t rounds

C. For Time (5 min after Part B)
30 BBJO @24/20”

Week 1 Day 2

A. Every 2 Minutes x 5 Rounds
12-15 Cal Row
8-12 G2OH @95/65lbs (Power Clean & Jerk or Power Snatch, Athlete’s choice)

B. EMOM 10
Odd: 8-12 DB Deadlifts @50/35lbs x2
Even: 8-12 Box Jumps @24/20”

C. For Time (5 min after Part B)
30 DB Thrusters @50/35lbs x2

Week 1 Day 3

A. EMOM 10
Odd: 40-60 Double Unders
Even: 10-16 T2B

B. 3 Rounds
Max distance HSW in 1 minute
Rest 1:00 b/t rounds

C. For Time (5 min after Part B)
30 C2B Pull-ups

Week 1 Day 4

A. Every 2 Minutes x 5 Rounds
8-12 DB Power Cleans @50/35lbs
4-6 Bar Muscle Ups

B. EMOM 10
Odd: 10-15 Deadlift @115/75lbs
Even: 10-15 STOH @115/75lbs

C. For Time (5 min after Part B)
30 OHS @95/75lbs

Week 1 Day 5

A. 5 Rounds
12 DB Power Cleans @50/35lbs x2
12 DB Front Squat @50/35lbs x2
50’ Front Rack Walking Lunge @50/35lbs x2
Rest 2:00 b/t rounds

B. EMOM 10
Odd: 8-12 Bar Facing Burpees
Even: 4-12 Alternating Pistols

C. For Time (5 min after Part B)
100 Wallballs @20lbs-10ft/14lbs-9ft

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CrossFit Open Prep

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