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6 CrossFit Rowing Workouts

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Workout 1

Row 2000m at 60% effort
-rest 2 minutes-

Row 1500m at 70% effort
-rest 2 minutes-

Row 1000m at 80% effort
-rest 2 minutes-

Row 500m at 90% effort

Athletes Notes: Negative split. Try to increase your rowing pace each interval.

Workout 2


Row 12-15/12-9 cal

Athletes Notes: Stick to the number of calories you can maintain each minute for the duration of EMOM. If 15/12 cal is too easy, feel free to scale up.

Workout 3

3 Rounds

Row 1000m at 2k pace (70% effort)
-rest 3 minutes b/t rounds-

2 Rounds

Row 500m at 1k pace (70% effort)
-rest 1minute b/t rounds-

1 Round

Row 1000m at 2k pace (70% effort)

Athletes Notes: Stick to prescribed paces or slightly faster.

Workout 4

3 Rounds

5 Intervals x Row 250m at 90% effort

-rest 30 sec-

-rest 1 minute b/t rounds-

Athletes Notes: To be clear this is 3 rounds of rowing 5 intervals of 250m each round, resting 30 seconds between intervals and 1 minute between rounds.

Workout 5

Warm up

5 min row at 50% effort

-rest 2 minutes-

8 Rounds

Row 10 cal at 100% effort

-rest 2 minutes b/t rounds-

Athletes Notes: This is sprint progression. Give your best effort each interval. Same number of calories for both males and females.

Workout 6 – Optional

Row 750m
50 Double Unders (or Jumping Jacks)
Row 750m
40 Air Squats
Row 750m
30 Sit-Ups
Row 750m
20 Push-Ups
Row 750m
10 Burpees

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