1-Mile Run Time Trial

Ideally, you would want to perform this time trial on a 400m track. If you do not have one available to you, use a GPS watch or your mobile device for tracking the distance. Note that a mile is actually 1609.34 metres. If you want to be precise, we suggest you step back 9 metres from the start line before beginning the test.

Before (Warm Up)

Warm up well. We suggest the following:

Run 800m at very easy pace, followed by 5 minutes of mobility work


5 Rounds

Run 80m at very hard pace
Rest 90 seconds between


Run 200m at hard pace (predicted 1-mile)

Rest until fully recovered before the test.

After (Cool Down)

Erg 500m at recovery pace.

Make sure to record all metrics so you can compare the next time you perform this test. If possible, wear a Heart Rate Monitor during the Time Trial. Record all data for future comparison.