Functional Bodybuilding Program


This program combines hypertrophy, strength, power, and metabolic conditioning training to help you look great, move well, and feel better in daily life.

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If your goal is to pack on lean muscle, improve your cardiovascular fitness, shed unwanted fat, and follow a progressive training plan that never gets boring and gets you results, the Functional Bodybuilding Program is for you.

This program combines the best of traditional bodybuilding with a focus on movement patterns and targeted isolation of specific body parts through functionality-driven accessory work, seamlessly integrating hypertrophy, strength, power, and metabolic conditioning training.

Who is This Program For:

  • Designed for anyone looking to put on lean muscle mass, become stronger, improve body composition, and achieve a high level of work capacity.
  • For anyone looking for a highly effective, highly efficient muscle building & performance training plan.
  • For anyone looking to improve their recovery, overall health, and longevity.

Program Details:

  • 10 Weeks of Structured Workouts: A 10-week plan offering 5 weekly sessions aimed at muscle building, strength development, stamina, and functionality.
  • Diverse Training Methods: A mix of bodybuilding, strength training, and functional movements within a unified program.
  • Comprehensive Support Materials: Access to a detailed PDF guide, exercise videos, and a clear session plan.
  • Focus on Compound Movements & Free Weights: Primarily uses equipment found in functional gyms.
  • Progressive Overload & Muscle Failure: Progressions designed for continuous improvement.
  • Multi-Muscle Group Focus: Each session targets various muscle groups or movement patterns, avoiding single body part splits.
  • Energy System Development: Conditioning sessions prioritize both anaerobic and aerobic systems, incorporating EMOMs, intervals, and AMRAPs.

Program Structure:

This program structure applies to both hypertrophy and conditioning segments. It may be more noticeable during hypertrophy work, as conditioning involves full-body engagement but still biases the movement patterns as indicated below.

  • Day 1: Squat Dominant (Squatting Movements, Lunging)
  • Day 2: Pushing (Horizontal), Pulling (Vertical, Horizontal)
  • Day 3: Core Training (Flexion, Extension, Rotation)
  • Day 4: Hip Dominant (Hinging Movements)
  • Day 5: Pushing (Vertical)

Here is our winning formula. We cover 4 things within the program:

  1. Strength: Big compound exercises, targeting multiple groups using a variety of rep ranges and training methods.
  2. Hypertrophy: Muscle building, isolation movements with medium/high reps with medium/heavy weight.
  3. Athleticism & Functionality: Plyometrics, loaded carries, core rotational and anti-rotational work.
  4. Conditioning & Cardio: A dose of mixed modality short anaerobic sessions via interval format, with plenty of rest for recovery and repeatable effort, as well as moderate, longer, easy conditioning options for aerobic development.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. The program provides modifications and progressions to cater to all fitness levels.

How long is each training session?

Expect to spend around 60-90 minutes per session, ensuring a thorough workout without taking up your entire day.

What equipment do I need?

Access to a fully equipped functional fitness facility is recommended. This includes items such as a pull-up rig, barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, a variety of weights and resistance bands, and at least one piece of cyclical cardio equipment, such as a spin bike, rower, or fan bike. While the program can be performed in a commercial-type facility, many of the progressions involve supersets, giant sets, and mixed modal conditioning, which may be challenging to accommodate in a typical commercial gym environment.

What does functional’ mean in your training programs?

Our programs are grounded in functional training principles, aiming to enhance not just your strength and fitness, but also your everyday mobility and performance. Curious to learn more about the power of functional training? Dive deeper here.

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The Functional Bodybuilding Program is your ticket to building a body that is as strong and functional as it is aesthetic. Are you ready to transform your training and your physique? Join us and embrace the journey to functional bodybuilding excellence.

2 reviews for Functional Bodybuilding Program

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    Half way through loving it will be buying the next functional fitness program

  2. Shumy Ahmed (verified owner)

    I am enjoying it, getting my butt kicked and my limits pushed.
    I like that it has all components of fitness. I’m always looking forward to my gym sessions:-)
    Thank you for designing it.

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