Beginner Air Bike Program


New Release! Our 9-week Beginner Air Bike Program, designed specifically for newcomers, will significantly improve your cardio, stamina, and recovery times.

Beginner Air Bike Program $24.00
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Over the course of 9 weeks, the Beginner Air Bike Program will safely and effectively improve your cardiovascular health, enhance stamina, accelerate recovery times, and provide a comprehensive understanding of how the air bike should be used in your training.

Here’s What You’re Getting:

  1. A 9-week air bike training program with 3 days/week training sessions. That’s 27 tailor-made air bike workouts crafted with beginners in mind!
  2. A downloadable pdf so you can integrate your plan into your schedule, ensuring it complements your lifestyle seamlessly.
  3. Lifetime access to future updates and content specific to this beginner program.

Ignite Your Air Bike Workout Journey:

Start building your cardiovascular endurance—the bedrock of your fitness journey—with our 9-Week Beginner Air Bike program.

Everyone has areas in their fitness that need improvement. This program helps you tackle those areas and convert your weaknesses into strengths. With our air bike program, you’ll discover how to extract maximum benefit from your air bike.

Over the course of 27 sessions, you’ll develop your aerobic capacity, making conditioning workouts a rewarding challenge rather than a daunting task. By the end of this program, you’ll be amazed by your increased stamina and energy levels.

Embrace The Air Bike:

Does the thought of an Air Bike session fill you with anxiety? There’s no need to be afraid anymore…

Our 9-week beginner program offers comprehensive sessions tailored for your comfort, enjoyment, and fitness growth.

Concerned about your current fitness level? Don’t be. All workouts are based on RPE (Relative Perceived Exhaustion) as well as optional speed-target based pacing, ensuring your training is perfectly aligned with your current fitness level.

If you’re starting out slow or are recovering from an injury and need a gentler pace, we’ve accommodated for that. All sessions are time duration based leaving you in full control of which pacing method you choose.

Do I need an Assault Bike to Participate?

No. You can use an Assault Bike, Rogue Echo Bike, Schwinn Airdyne or any other fan bike.

Can I see a sample of the programming?

Certainly! Just enter your email below.