Who are we?

Our training programs bridge the gap between a hardcore competitor and an everyday athlete that wants to get better at the sport, but does not want to give up the excitement of group classes environment or has time to dedicate three to four hours per day to working out by themselves following personalized programming.

We allow athletes to get the best of both worlds, enjoy the dynamic and fun group classes while working on weaknesses and preparing for competitions.

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Bike Erg Workouts
Aerobic Capacity

5 Endurance BikeErg Workouts

The most recent addition to the Concept2 family of cardio machines. BikeErg is a phenomenal conditioning tool for competitive athletes and general fitness enthusiasts. Give

Aerobic Capacity

12 Aerobic Capacity Track Workouts

The following sample workouts are meant to increase your aerobic capacity. They can be done on a track or a rowing machine can be used as a substitute.

crossfit open

Training For The Open

The training is meant to be completed as an ADD-ON to your regular gym classes, ideally before the class begins. For novice athletes, it may

Aerobic Capacity

5 Rowing Efficiency Tips

Rowing is an integral part of our sport, and whether you love it or hate it, it is nearly impossible to escape it.  Since Crossfit.com