Functional Dumbbell Program


No gym? No problem. Grab a pair of dumbbells and let’s get to work.

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Functional Dumbbell Program
Functional Dumbbell Program $29.00
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Our 12-week Functional Dumbbell Program is perfect for anyone who wants more than a bodyweight-only workout program, but doesn’t have a full-on garage gym. With a set of dumbbells (or kettlebells), we can help you dramatically increase your fitness.

This program is designed as a standalone program. It’s 12 weeks long with 5 sessions per week. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with a set of dumbbells!

What You Can Expect

  • A fun, detailed, standalone program that’ll get you stronger and fitter without tons of equipment.
  • Increased unilateral strength and flexibility, helping you to correct muscle imbalances and avoid future injury.
  • An increased likelihood that your friends and family will stop you in your tracks and ask, “why do you look so damn good these days?” 💚

The Details

Here’s what you get from us in exchange for your hard-earned money:

  • A 12-week program with 5 days per week of training sessions. This is a standalone program designed to be your main daily workout.
  • A downloadable PDF so you can plug your plan into your schedule ahead of time and make it work for you.
  • A dedicated playlist where you can see every movement via video instruction.
  • Options for a pair of dumbbells or a single dumbbell for every workout. (You may sub a kettlebell(s) for any/all of the sessions.)
  • Daily progressive accessory work including core work, push/pull progressions, and upper/lower body routines.
  • Daily warm-up.

I only have kettlebells. Can I still do this program?

Heck yeah! You can sub kettlebells for dumbbells in any/all of the sessions.

Can I get a great workout with just dumbbells?

Absolutely. You don’t need a decked-out garage gym to improve your fitness. A pair of dumbbells (and a great attitude 😉 ) is all you need to make serious gains in your strength and conditioning.

How long does each session take?

Plan for 45-60 minutes per session. Remember: This is a standalone program.

May I see a sample of the programming?

We thought you’d never ask!! Just enter your email below and we’ll send it your way.

29 reviews for Functional Dumbbell Program

  1. Kyle Caldwell (verified owner)

    Only a few weeks into the program so far but so far I love every minute of it (don’t get me wrong I’m cursing throughout but I mean that in a great way). The workouts are tough but you feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish it! It has a good variety of movements and workouts so you aren’t doing the same thing over and over again. If you’re on the fence about purchasing let this review be the one that pushes you to do it!

  2. Andrea Galinis (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this program in it’s entirety. It brings you back to basics, it’s challenging mentally and physically. And simple to follow with good explanation and videos. About to start this 12 weeks over!

  3. Nikki McClary (verified owner)

    Love this program! Let’s you know what equipment you will need. Easy to follow warm ups, workout and cool downs. If you can’t do something that is listen this program also has a list of modifications you can do. I also love that they have a video of the moves to do just in case you aren’t familiar with that movement.

  4. Phil (verified owner)

    Cracking Programme, great mix of MetCons and Strength with minimal kit needed. Easy to modify to the kit you have available. Put the effort in and the workouts kick your a@#e 👏

  5. Lian Advincula (verified owner)

    I’ve done all sorts of workout, did youtube videos and even downloaded workout apps, can’t even last for a week. When I saw this functional dumbbell program ofcourse I will give it a try, bought it and started doing it and I never made any excuses after. The best exercise program there us.

  6. Edgar Perdomo (verified owner)

    This friday I’ll be completing the 12 week of the dumbell program and I’m waiting for the next one. It’s what I’ve been looking for in a while. Hope you guys make another one that uses medballs, and Kettlebells, congrats I’ve really enjoyed this one.

  7. Brett (verified owner)

    Loving the program. Eight weeks in and make some solid improvements

  8. Mike Rivera (verified owner)

    I was away for 8 weeks and used the dumbbell program at my hotel. Provided me with plenty of workouts to chose from and all I had to do was follow the program. Super easy and happy I was able to train as much as I did while away from home. 👍🏼

  9. Karthick Jeyaraj (verified owner)

    Fantastic programming.. I’m 10 weeks in and the progression is real. I do have CrossFit experience prior to starting this routine but have to say this has been great. A nice 30-45 mins burner 5 days a week.

    I wish you guys come up with DB and KB programming soon. And also a next 12 weeks of DB programming.

  10. dillon (verified owner)

    I had been struggling to find a program that would allow me to really maximize my results and physical potential while only having access to dumbbells. This is the first time I’ve encountered a functional program that can make good on that. In fact, I was so stoked by the dumbbell program that I immediately bought a second program for when I return to the gym!

  11. Mitch Seagondollar (verified owner)

    Just started week three, and love it. I scale like crazy, but this is fun. Bought the fan bike, bodyweight, and strength programs as well.

  12. Rachel Maccormick (verified owner)

    Fantastic programme, instant info your inbox and exactly as described.

    I did the free trail days which were free as stated ! No payment upfront which is brilliant.

    Only thing I would have liked the full programme to have been the same as the trial as linking to the videos was easier. With the PDF you have to find your place again. Very minor though

  13. Rui Carlos Azevedo e Silva (verified owner)

    Well built and balanced program, with several scaling options, with a bonus bodybuilding option after the wod. Great for those who don’t have acess to a gym or are on hollydays and have few equipment.

  14. Mostafa Hussein (verified owner)

    I am currently in week 2 of the program and so far it is very organized and beneficial more than a lot of other workouts online …. I am looking forward to completing the whole program and achieving some results 💪💪

  15. Tanner Becraft (verified owner)

    As a multi-sport athlete this program really fits well with my other training schedules. Busy life with kids and career, this program is laid out perfectly for me to get in some DB strength training! A perfect program for strength building!

  16. Scotti Mullen (verified owner)

    This is a complete and well thought out program. It’s clear and easy to follow. I have purchased the Functional Bodyweight, FunctionalDumbbell and Functional Strength programs and value each and every one. I highly recommend these programs.

  17. Cathy (verified owner)

    I’m loving the workouts so far (6 weeks in). I would love to try the Functional Strength one next but can’t find a list of the required equipment anywhere!

  18. Travis (verified owner)

    I love it. Just getting back in to working out and it’s kicking my butt in a good way. Sweat dripping on the floor and I can’t finish the workouts due to muscle failure. It just means the next time I go through it, I’ll be able to finish them!

  19. PATRICIA (verified owner)

    Me encanta! Compré el programa FunctionalDumbbell, lo recomiendo ampliamente, muy completo y organizado.

  20. Lorena Ortega

    It’s complete, it’s easy to understand and you can feel satisfied with the amount of exercise

  21. Ysamar T (verified owner)

    Going into week 4 and I’m loving these workouts, it’s great it has warm ups and cool downs. One thing I’d like it to have variations or DB substitutions on the band assisted exercises.
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get started or just keep working out.

  22. Ersin (verified owner)

    I have only two dumbells and one rope. I don’t have time to go to the gym. Also, I don’t want to gain muscle that cant brings any function. So, this program is amazing for me. I completed 2 weeks and with my all honesty I can say that I feel like I’m in a different body now. Thank you!

  23. Fanny (verified owner)

    Très bon programme qui pousse à se surpasser et qui rend vraiment addict!

  24. Salvador López (verified owner)

    I think it is an excellent training guide, they are all great and very challenging, every day I end up feeling like I achieved the goal of the day.

  25. Kevin Martineau (verified owner)

    J’aime la diversité des exercices et les entraînements, j’avais peur que ce soit trop facile, mais les entraînements sont vraiment bien. J’aime les capsules qui démontre les exercices.

  26. Edgar (verified owner)

    Excelente programa de entrenamiento funcional, mínimo equipo y verdaderos resultados en acondicionamiento física.

  27. Andrea (verified owner)

    Perfect way to train.
    Book full of great workouts. Very varied and stimulating as a training methodology

  28. Will (verified owner)

    Très bon programme, bien structuré et varié.
    Les liens vidéos sont très pratique.

  29. Trevor (verified owner)

    Excellent programming! I really appreciate the thought that was put into the weekly exercises. Every day works something different. I highly recommend and I’ll be looking to purchase another program once I’m through these 12 weeks!

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