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So you say I can be wicked-fit without using any equipment? Yep—that’s exactly what we say.

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CrossFit Bodyweight Program
Functional Bodyweight Program $29.00
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Our Functional Bodyweight Program is a comprehensive and progressively structured bodyweight-only program. It’s 12 weeks long with 5 sessions per week. By the end of the program, you might be saying au revoir to your barbells and dumbbells and kettlebells. 😉

The Details

Here’s what you get from us in exchange for your hard-earned money:

  • 12 weeks of well-thought-out bodyweight workouts.
  • 5 days/week of progressive training.
  • Daily warm-ups, accessory work, stretching, and mobility routines.
  • Scaling and modifications to fit any fitness level.
  • Videos of every movement.
  • Delivered in a downloadable PDF format.

How’s the program structured?

Every five days, you’ll repeat the following protocol:

  • Day 1: Upper body 
  • Day 2: Lower body 
  • Day 3: Posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes) 
  • Day 4: Cardio
  • Day 5: Full body workout + upper back accessory options

Can I cherry-pick? 🍒

Heck yes! The program is actually designed to be progressive in nature, but some of our athletes pick and choose from any of the 60+ bodyweight-only conditioning workouts. You have access to the entire program right away, so do what’s right for you!

I need videos! Are there videos?

We get it! We love videos, too. Each exercise links to a video demonstration from our in-house “Bodyweight Exercise Library” database. You can view the entire playlist here. And we update it regularly! 

Do I have to pay a monthly subscription?

Nope! You’ll just pay a one-time fee. And you get lifetime access to any future updated version of this program.

May I see a sample of the programming?

We thought you’d never ask!! Just enter your email below and we’ll send it your way.


21 reviews for Functional Bodyweight Program

  1. Robinson Cardona

    This bodyweigth program is really good you have the chance to work the upper, core an lower body. Which make the training really good, also if you are consisten you are going to see the results you want.
    For my this training program is a life saver. Worth the investment.

  2. Analia

    Great Workouts!!The taining planning price is fantastic, it’s worth it.
    You really feel your whole body work!!

  3. Jaymes David Bernal

    This program was amazing and helped me throughout my underways. I am in the US Navy and with the gym being closed, myself and a group of sailors used this program to help us get into shape. I highly recommend using this program if you’re looking for a challenge.

  4. mariarosa

    hello great program … train everything high, low, core … in short, a nice mix
    you are super

  5. George Syllaios

    Tough workouts but I am enjoying them tremendously. You can push yourself as hard as you want or you can scale down reps and still get an awesome workout.

  6. vicente vilanova

    Lo que más me gusta es que le da orden y estructura a la semana de entrenamiento. No más entrenar por entrenar. 100% recomendado.

  7. Tai Lee Fung

    Only a word #GREATEST#

  8. Martín

    Excelentes entrenamientos, completos, rápidos y exigentes.

  9. Raymond Sierra

    Excellent Workouts, they help me to be better in my life

  10. Barney Rudd

    When I use to go to the gym, it would be to hit the weights. Then u happen to see this Bodyweight Programme and decided to give the 2 week free trial a go, just for a change. I enjoyed it that much, I went a purched the whole 12 week Programme and here I am about to enter the final week. I have absolutely loved it, and recommend this everyone whether beginners or advanced and especially those who think bodyweight exercises are easy. This Programme will hit your strength, stamina and cv without any equipment and can be done anywhere.

  11. Dominic

    Amazing program, was in lockdown for over 8 weeks and this program will not let you slack helping build and keep strength or and amazing building block to help with a great starting point for when you hit the gym or those more weight based program, overall would highly recommend

  12. Geoffrey

    I am military and currently in operation / mission. Here I don’t have any equipment to do my workouts, this bodyweight program is perfect for continuing to train and progress! thank you onlinewod

  13. Hathai Arunmak

    Great program

  14. Elena Di Fabio

    Tough work outs with lots of exercise combinations. Great work.

  15. David

    What I liked:
    Well structured
    Good scaling tips

    Nice to have:
    Add scaling options for minimum equipment
    Incorporate running

    Strongly recommend to those who train at home

  16. luciana pereira

    It is really awesome!! I did it everyday at home. It is easy and simple to understand a practice

  17. Tuomo

    This is just great and progressive program that included also informative video tutorials. In my opinion this is not for beginners, but if you stick with the program you can also see results.

  18. luciana pereira

    It is amazing. Clear and easy to understand. And good price too


    Nice programm. Works well. As far i train on it, its ok!! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  20. Scotti Mullen

    This is a complete and well thought out program. It’s clear and easy to follow. I have purchased the Functional Bodyweight, Functional Dumbbell and Functional Strength programs and value each and every one. I highly recommend these programs.

  21. Schalonda Griffith-Critchlow

    This was one of the best programs. Very versatile and easy to follow. My clients results were amazing.

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