Air Bike Program


Build a better “engine” and increase your aerobic capacity with the dedicated 12-week air bike program, specifically designed to increase your endurance.

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No more feeling gassed during workouts! Build a better “engine” with our comprehensive, no-nonsense air bike program. In just 12 weeks, you’ll see a huge improvement in your cardio, stamina, and recovery times.

Here’s What You Get

  • A 12-week air bike training program with five days/week training sessions. That’s 60 tried-and-true air bike workouts for you to enjoy!
  • A downloadable PDF so you can plug your plan into your schedule ahead of time and make it work for you.
  • Full lifetime access to future program updates and content.
  • BONUS! 12 mixed-modal workouts designed to put your newly honed engine to the test.

Take Your Air Bike Workout To The Next Level

Build and fortify your cardiovascular endurance—the foundation on which your fitness sits—with our 12-Week Air Bike program.

We all have holes in our training. For power athletes, it’s endurance. For endurance athletes, it’s sprinting. For some of us, it’s the motivation to keep on pushing ourselves forward when our muscles ache and our lungs burn.

The air bike is the ultimate tool for filling the gaps and turning weaknesses into strengths. And with our program, you’ll find out exactly how to get the most out of your Assault Bike, Rogue Echo Dyne, or AirDyne.

Across 60 sessions, you’ll build your aerobic capacity so conditioning workouts become a pleasure rather than a pain. Sessions are intense and challenging. But you’ll feel awesome afterwards, and by the end you’ll be amazed at the increase in your stamina and energy.

Fall Back In Love With Air Bike

Air Bike sessions fill you with dread? They don’t call it the ‘Devil’s Tricycle’ for nothing…

But there’s no need to fear your Air Bike. Our 12-week program gives you full, step-by-step instructions for sessions paced for comfort and enjoyment, as well as fitness.

And if you’re worried you’re not fit enough, don’t be. The program starts with a baseline test to measure your aerobic capacity. All workout paces are based on those results, so your training will exactly match your fitness level.

If you’d like to start slow, or if you’re recovering from injury and need to go easy, we’ve got you covered too. The program includes full instructions for those who prefer 3 sessions per week rather than 5.

Do I need to have an “Assault Bike” to Participate?

Nah. You can use an Assault Bike, Rogue Echo Bike or Schwinn Airdyne.


Please visit this page for answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I see a sample of the programming?

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67 reviews for Air Bike Program

  1. Dino

    Three weeks into the Aerobic Builder Air bike program, I’m amazed at the increase in stamina and energy I have for my workouts.
    I’ve always had a lot of success with heavier barbell exercises but when it came to workouts that attacked my aerobic capacity. I’d fall behind everyone.
    The program is no joke but the results are there.
    An added bonus is I lost 7 pounds in the first few weeks without any loss to my strength.
    Thanks, I’m looking forward to the results and adding some of the other programs to my current training.

  2. Josh

    One week in!! So far I really enjoy it! It’s perfect that it’s targeted specifically for assault bike and not every single piece of cardio equipment like other “aerobic capacity” programs..

  3. Stacy

    Awesome program. 4 weeks in and can already notice the difference in my stamina. Especially the recovery time between workouts. Recommended.

  4. Steve

    Fantastic programming!! By targeting different workout goals and switching them up between calories, watts, rpm’s and metres, I was able to endure more time on what I consider the most brutal but effective piece of conditioning equipment ever made.

  5. Mat James (verified owner)

    This is a no joke results driven program. On the tough days you’ll feel like quitting but if you keep it going and persevere, you feel awesome after the session and the next day. It really opens your lungs up and you can feel results just after week 1.

  6. Adam (verified owner)

    Perfect! No nonsense program. No fluff, just straight to business and I love it. Ill be getting the strength program next. Can’t recommend it enough

  7. Ian (verified owner)

    1 week into this program and I can already tell a difference in my cardio vascular endurance. It has transferred to better performance in my crossfit wods and I highly recommend this program. It’s tough but in the best way! Really pushes you to find you limits and exceed them.

  8. Aaron

    Purchased the Assault Bike Training Package.
    Its disgusting.
    Perfect – That’s what I wanted! Thanks

  9. Jim

    Expertly written programmes.

  10. Dolores

    Just purchased the assault bike training manual !! So excited to get this program started.
    Impressed by how comprehensive and detailed each week is. It includes 12 weeks of thorough, BRUTAL, stamina building workouts. Let’s GOOOO !

  11. Greg

    The assault bike workout is a BEAST – thoughtful, intense, progressive programming, that is well-explained and easy to get into from the start. I highly recommend it.

  12. Miguel

    I’ve had my air bike for 3 years and finally have a plan with variety to follow. Made it fun again. Boom 👍🏼

  13. Leah

    I purchased the Aerobic Builder 12-week program for the Assault Bike and have just completed the first week. The workouts are varied, a nice mix of sprints and interval training with some longer rounds, which makes each session interesting and challenging. I am glad I bought this because I did not know there were so many ways to use the Assault Bike outside of a warm up or WOD component! Makes me happy I bought the bike, especially during this time of winter lockdown. I would like clearer examples for women and men in the instructions, because I find they are not always easy to understand. That said, Online WOD continues to edit the document and send updated versions to users, which is highly appreciated! A must-have for engine-training!

  14. Julie

    I have loved the program so far! It’s great to do on it’s own or at the end of a strength focused workout! They are more challenging than they seem! Happy I purchased!

  15. Troy

    I am doing a mix of the Air Bike and Strenght program.
    Enjoying doing something different!!!!👌👌👌

  16. Megan

    Great programming and clear delivery.

  17. Stanley

    Purchased the Assault Bike Training programming. EXACTLY what I was looking for. I modified it slightly but it is all laid out so that I can integrate it into my existing programming. Is it easy? NO. Is it always doable? NO. It’s an Assault Bike, it’s brutal and exactly what I wanted.

  18. Brian

    I purchased the Air Bike program and it’s been great! I’ve been battling a foot injury, so my main source of exercise has been strictly on the Assault Bike (I’ve been making them up on the fly). I came across OnlineWOD and loved the idea of predetermined bike workouts that allow me to test myself and monitor progress.
    I recommend this product because it can stand alone on it’s own as a main source of exercise or it can be used as a supplement to your workout routine. Great for all levels of fitness, is scalable, and measurable.
    I’m happy about this purchase and would recommend anybody that’s looking to increase their endurance and work capacity to give this program a chance.

  19. Gerhard

    Great Assault Bike WOD Manual! Good Variety of Workouts to improve Aerobic capacity. Lets Go

  20. Mitch

    Got the assault bike program and I am thoroughly “enjoying” it. I like the convenience of just following along and the built in flexibility. As the name implies, there are a lot of workouts provided. Would definitely buy it again. Looking at their strength program now…

  21. Mathew

    I started the assault bike program 2 weeks ago and have thoroughly enjoyed each session, I injured my knee over Xmas and ended up having 10 weeks off, so needed a kick up the but to get back into things, this has 100% given me the focus I needed to
    Get back into things, great structure, fits perfectly with my daily schedule, easy to follow and understand and I know I will make vast improvements, I can feel them already.

  22. Hathai

    Great programs. Clear explanation

  23. Garage Power (verified owner)

    once I started this program I started appreciates my bike more. I felt the difference within 2 weeks of starting the program. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has an Echo bike or Airbike.

  24. Joe Tipton (verified owner)

    I started the Aerobic Builder Assault Bike Program in February and am in week 5 of the program, although it has taken me around 8 weeks to get here. The program is awesome and I am definitely generating more power and increasing my mileage. Prior to the program I would cover around 60-70 miles a month on my Assault Bike. In March I hit 120 miles and am down 5 pounds! I feel that I am finally getting the most out of my bike and workouts. I like to record my workouts to monitor progress so I printed out the program and added a sheet of notebook paper in between each page. One suggestion I would make to the ONLINEWOD team would be to add some lines and allow space for recording process directly on the pages to make it workout log. Overall, the programing is outstanding. Definitely worth the price

  25. Steve (verified owner)

    C’est vraiment un programme bien fait. Ça devient de plus en plus difficile, mais on deviens plus en forme à travers les semaines. C’est un mélange d’endurance et de HIIT,👊

  26. David Bowdler (verified owner)

    Love it… massively helping me improve my engine. I love the variety and how it’s structured.

  27. Jen (verified owner)

    I’m doing the Assault Bike program. It’s a little beyond my level of fitness but I’ve been able to adjust the program to work with where I’m at right now. It’s kicking my a$$!

  28. Win Park (verified owner)

    The TFB (the fun bike) or (the fu(king bike)
    program is the best delivery for all to build a base like no other. On my second go thru and I’m about 10-20% improved. I’ll take it. My mountain bike rides have been so very powerful!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Off to try a time for 1000 calories. Anyone know what happened when it hits 999.9?

  29. Roberto Pierotti (verified owner)

    I’m a bit behind on schedule, im in week 10 right now. I waited with this review, because I really wanted to see a difference. Everybody feels happy after 1 or 2 weeks,i wanted to see how my cardio would change after those first happy weeks. Im in week 10 and i feel amazing. My cardio rose to a new level, im bummed out that i could not follow the program day by day, but i came very close. I have 3 weeks to go and i still get nervous everytime i step on the “killer” bike. Thank you online WOD FOR THIS CRAZY/EFFECTIVE PROGRAM!!

  30. Drew (verified owner)

    This is the real deal! My cardio is the best it’s ever been after completing this program. The workouts will push you to the max and I love every painful minute!

  31. Siri Johnsen (verified owner)

    Absolutley loved the aerobic builder air bike edition .
    Used the Shwinn airdyne , and it was no joke . After 5 weeks , there was a 3 week lockdown , so I started at week 1 again . 17 weeks 4 workouts a week , and I can promise you my capasity is so much better . I highly recomend this program !
    Siri Johnsen

  32. Tyrone Davis (verified owner)

    The echo bike is a phenomenal tool to help with increasing cardiovascular endurance. Having a dedicated program that challenges you makes the bike much more effective. The assault bike aerobic builder program delivers as promised. All you have to do is embrace the suck and push yourself. This is a great program and will do it several times over.

  33. Kyle Foster

    Love this programme however I feel there could be more objective outputs to match intensities. This could be done from the fitness test by calculating average RPM/Watts in the 10 min test to individually prescribe intensities ie. 100% = 70RPM, 90% = 63 RPM etc.

    I think the fitness tests could be included in the programme Week 1 Day 2 & Week 10 Day 1 after 9 weeks training. I feel one or 2 sessions each week should be less intense also.

  34. Justin Forrester (verified owner)

    Ordered the Aerobic Bike WOD program. This thing is a gut check. Definitely happy with my purchase and will be coming back for more in the future. Two thumbs up!

  35. Vincent Shaw (verified owner)

    I have just started the Aerobic Bike program. This is really an eye opener. I love the progressions. I plan on buying the rowing program for when I complete this one. I Love it!!!

  36. Jamie (verified owner)

    A few tough sessions with this program but by sticking to my own numbers and paying attention to my own journey I am starting to reap the rewards when the Assault Bike is in other metcons. I pump the music, work towards my numbers and find space to lay on the ground afterwards. I now look forward to planning my week out as I incorporate the Assualt Bike program with the General Strength program – they complement each other well!

  37. Brandon Williams (verified owner)

    Recently received the assault bike programme. Having read through it I am very impressed with how structured the programme is and presented in an easy to follow format.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the improvement in my personal fitness .

  38. glen (verified owner)

    Picking this as the Airbike is my nemisis – two weeks in and feeling better on the bike despite the sessions being awful in the nicest possible way

  39. Marek (verified owner)

    This program elevated my overall cardio but mostly helped me to understand different types of pacing and engine work. Now I can estimated what intensity I can go for in a different workouts. I highly recommend it.

  40. Michael B (verified owner)

    I love the Assult Bike at our crossfit gym and this program is great to increase my endurance and performance. It’s challenging but can be scaled. Anything great is worth working for! DO IT!!!!!

  41. Jody Simons

    The perfect program recover from COVID. It did his job!

  42. Tim P (verified owner)

    The assault bike program is legit and tough. I use the Rogue Assault bike a great way to build a huge gas tank.

  43. Arnaldo Aponte (verified owner)

    Airbike program really good burner and engine bullder

  44. Arnaldo Aponte (verified owner)

    Great engine building program

  45. David Riddell (verified owner)

    I hadn’t been working out much and have been using this as a scaled version.

    Really enjoying the variety and seeing improvement. Anyone thinking of trying an Online WOD programme will certainly see a difference.

  46. Justin Hopman (verified owner)

    Great program. I am a average 50 year old Crossfitter and I will say it was hard for me to keep up with the standards. But I mean that is a good way. The most advance athletes will find it challenging and will definitely get something from it. Also I have bad knees so running is out of the picture to improve my Cardio. So this was a great substitute and actually was a lot more fun then running. Good stuff.

  47. Alex Koehler (verified owner)

    Great program without a huge time commitment!

  48. Nathan (verified owner)

    I have loved fitting this program into my current routine. Sometimes I go in order. Other times if I’m looking for a specific type of workout or time constraint I might cherry pick. All I know is it does wonders for my engine and compliments kettlebells and rowing nicely. Great work OnlineWOD!

  49. Steve

    Great program that offers variety and a natural progression to improvement!

  50. Elena Di Fabio (verified owner)

    Great program – well structured gives a lot of variety for the workout each day.

  51. Steve Bradley (verified owner)

    I bought this program about six months in its first iteration, figuring at some point my box would buy replacement Assault of Echo bikes. That moment finally happened a couple of weeks ago (with Echo instead of Assault), and I ordered the updated version of the program — and I am having a blast! At very-soon-to-be-73, I love challenges that test my physical and mental strengths, and I have already been rewarded several times with the 12 Week Air Bike Program. Not long ago I ordered Pistols, and just yesterday — on the strength of Air Bike and Pistols –ordered Muscle-Ups and Functional Strength. These are comprehensively systematic programs that are perfect for extra work I do in the gym after classes (5-6/week). I will NEVER be a world-beater, but small gains still matter to me and OnlineWOD is a superb source of techniques and tactics in this humble endeavor. Onwards!

  52. Tarun (verified owner)

    Ran through two different versions of this program. Felt a noticeable increase in my V02 max.

  53. John Dutton (verified owner)

    Currently on week 8 and am in unbelievable shape thanks to this program. I love the results – thank you!

  54. Jakob (verified owner)

    If you hate your life but still want to get more out of it you should choose this program. Great for embracing the suck.

  55. Joe (verified owner)

    Well written and planned out program with plenty of variation in metabolic stress of the many workouts. Having completed the program I experienced an improvement in both body composition and aerobic capacity – This program helps in all facets of life (not just in the gym).
    I would love to see an update that guides the sessions using power (wattage) +/- % – so that there is a guide to follow on the bikes that don’t display cadence.
    Follow the program as written and you’ll be grateful you did!

  56. Daryl Neatis (verified owner)

    Helpful, informative, clear and concise.
    Great programme

  57. Jordan Plant (verified owner)

    Mega programme, it’s nails but you get out of it what you put in. Just strap yourself in and eat as much grizz cake as you can, your lungs will thank you.

  58. Ryan Pearson (verified owner)

    Awesome programme for building all 3 energy systems, my aerobic fitness has improved hugely as well as being able to keep up speed in higher intensity workouts.

  59. Adam (verified owner)

    Definitely improved my capacity and stamina. Learned how to pace for different style workouts.

  60. Bruno Wong (verified owner)

    It’s a love – hate relationship with this pdf.
    Sometimes feels too brutal for the Echo bike. But the layout is easy to navigate and understand during a workout.

  61. Neel (verified owner)

    Love the program. Used it during the pandemic and my capacity increased significantly. Highly recommend thisa

  62. Clinton Lowe (verified owner)

    This program is tough as Hell.

    And I loved it.
    My aerobic capacity went through the roof.
    I’m battling injuries at the moment from other stuff but I’m going to tackle it again to build my engine back up.

  63. Álex


  64. Edwin catzin (verified owner)

    Hola , soy de México y estoy encantado con este programa, es muy bueno me ayudo a tener más resistencia y potencia en los wods cortos. Muy recomendado.

  65. Andres (verified owner)

    Un buen programa.
    me esta ayudando mucho en el jiujitsu y en mejorar mi volumen de entrenamiento
    no es aburrido y se puede aprender bastante .

  66. Andres (verified owner)

    muy bueno gracias

  67. Emil (verified owner)

    Simple and effective. Good descriptions and tests.

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