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The 12-Week Rowing Program is designed for those new to rowing or at an intermediate level. It focuses on enhancing aerobic capacity, pacing, breathing, and recovery skills.

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The 12-Week Rowing Program is designed for those new to rowing or at an intermediate level. It focuses on enhancing aerobic capacity, pacing, breathing, and recovery skills.

Do you want to:

  • Improve your times in the workout of the day?
  • Reduce recovery time required between sets and movements?
  • Be able to rely on your engine in the middle of the grinding workout?

If you want any or all of the above, then start by replacing your excuses with effort by challenging yourself to the Rowing Program program. A strong aerobic system takes time and effort to develop. Sustained work towards building that system will pay off in big ways, but it requires dedication and a good plan.

Rowing Program Details:

  • 12-week rowing plan with 5 days a week training included.
  • downloadable pdf so you can plug your plan into your schedule ahead of time and make it work for you.
  • dedicated rowing program. Intensify your focus on your aerobic capacity and your technique on the rower.
  • Trains all energy systems with intuitively structured progressions.
  • Build your stamina and master your awareness of pacing, so you can intuitively utilize different paces for different workouts in the gym.
  • 12 Bonus Mixed Modal Workouts included.

Who is it for?

It is for those who want to build a bigger “engine”. Athletes that may struggle with aerobic capacity, being comfortable while out of breath, and/or longer workouts as a whole.

Most athletes will see significant progress in their 500m to 5000m ergometer scores at the end of this program and most will see a large carry-over to other aspects of their training, especially when it comes to work capacity and recovery.

The workouts are 30 minutes or longer in time duration with varying intensities.

Can I see a sample of the programming?

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7 reviews for Rowing Program

  1. Steve

    A solid program that will bring some serious results if you stick with it. Workouts vary in difficulty and the organization is perfect. Sessions don’t take long and you can easily fit it around strength stuff.

  2. Carly

    I started my CrossFit journey just over a year ago, with what I thought was a pretty solid endurance background. Since I have worked incredibly hard over this year to improve on all aspects of my fitness journey to become an all around athlete, working on building strength and size but also keeping my endurance sharp. As I felt other aspects improve , over time I felt parts of my capacity and endurance slip. Although I felt like I could still function well over all, I still felt myself struggle with certain aspects . Keeping my pace on longer rows, not needing longer rest times after sprints in a workout . That’s when I was introduced to onlinewod by a friend! I noticed a change after week 1 of the program! I am now halfway through and can’t wait to see what my end results are. I can foresee myself continuing with the workouts even after the 12 weeks is completed. Onlinewod has been a great addition to my workout routine, and I love the push it gives me . I cannot wait to see more programs launched!

  3. Mohammad Alomran (verified owner)

    Very good plan training

  4. Jase (verified owner)

    Easy to follow training program
    Makes each session achievable and challenging
    And repeatable.

  5. Shayne (verified owner)

    The aerobic builder rowing program can look daunting to the beginner (it did for me), having only used the rower for a 500m warm-up before hitting the iron in my 20s. However being an effort based program it really is up to you. If you are sore from yesterday, no sleep last night etc you can still hit the effort target, meaning you do not feel down for not hitting a set time, watt, metres etc. You certainly get out what you put in. Workouts are challenging but achievable, do not take up much time, and if you cardio in the am like myself, they start the day off just right. Money well spent. Love it tx.

  6. Karthick Jeyaraj (verified owner)

    I have a concept 2 rower and this programming is a great way to start the day for me. A 20-40 minute cardio every morning gets me going. This’ll be a good compliment to functional strength training

  7. Edwin catzin (verified owner)

    Hola , buenos días, soy de México y compre este programa, me parecio muy interesante y bueno ya que trabaja los 3 tipos de acondicionamiento aerobico , intervalos, resistencia y más. Lo recomiendo ampliamente y seguiré con esta programación por mucho tiempo. Saludos.

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