Assault Bike Benefits: Why You Need One In Your Life

If you haven’t been on an Assault Bike recently, then what have you even been doing with your life? 

The original air bike has been around for decades—it’s likely your grandparents used to have one collecting dust in their basement alongside the thigh master. 

As it turns out, what seemed like an old school fitness gimmick was actually one of the most savage pieces of exercise equipment known to humankind, and one the most versatile and beneficial as well. The Assault bike has been made popular by CrossFit in recent years but is a tool that can be used across disciplines for metabolic conditioning and developing aerobic capacity. 

What makes it special? 

1. Improves aerobic capacity

Aerobic workouts result in improved endurance, which is also one of the cornerstones of Crossfit. The continuous, rhythmic movement strengthens your heart and lungs, delivering more oxygen to your muscles while exercising. The multi-dimensional tool can deliver a variety of stimuli including lactate threshold, aerobic, anaerobic, and even recovery. 

2. Provides a full-body workout

The pedalling, pushing, and pulling motions works nearly all of the large muscle groups in your body. Due to the nature of the set-up, the Assault bike allows riders to maintain an upright position with their core engaged, making it an almost perfect piece of training equipment. And, unlike most other machines in the gym, assault bikes are low impact, so you can feel confident in using them with reduced risks of hip, knee, and ankle pain

3. Improves mental stamina

Many athletes have the right physicality but lack the mental strength to perform under pressure. Assault bike workouts are designed to push you to your limits while minimizing the risk of injury which helps build your mental stamina come game time.

4. Awesome for rehab

Injuries can have both physical and mental repercussions. Working out on an Assault bike will minimize your chances of re-injury, keep blood circulating, and help to build the mental toughness necessary to get back out there.

5. It has a rad fan

Gym has no air conditioning?? Have no fear, the Assault air bike is here! 

In short, the Assault bike is hands down one of the best and most essential training tools on the market today.

3 Soul Crushing Assault Bike Workouts

20 min max cals
Speaks for itself…test out your capacity over 20-minutes.

Assault bike Tabata
8 Rounds of :20 ON, :10 OFF

This is a programmed option on the Assault bike and a great anaerobic workout

Assault Pyramid

In this workout, you’ll build up to a 50-second sprint and gradually work down. Very easy and effective!

Minute 1: 10 sec sprint, 50 seconds rest assault-bike
Minute 2: 20 sec sprint, 40 seconds rest
Minute 3: 30 sec sprint, 30 seconds rest
Minute 4: 40 sec sprint, 20 seconds rest
Minute 5: 50 sec sprint, 10 seconds rest
Minute 6: 40 sec sprint, 20 seconds rest
Minute 7: 30 sec sprint, 30 seconds rest
Minute 8: 20 sec sprint, 40 seconds rest
Minute 9: 10 sec sprint, 50 seconds rest

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand the name.

Every minute on the minute Assault Bike

Minute 1: 2 calories
Minute 2: 4 calories
Minute 3: 6 calories

Continue until you can’t reach your goal for calories in a minute.

Air Bike Program

The 12-Week Air Bike Program trains aerobic energy systems to make sure you’re prepared for any task, or any workout that comes your way. The program is compatible with Assault Bike, Echo Bike or Air Dyne. Build your aerobic capacity the right way. Don’t let your ‘Engine’ be your limiting factor in your training.