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Newbies—rejoice! Our Beginner Running Program has everything you need to build your cardiovascular endurance safely and effectively. 🏃

Beginner Running Program $24.00
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Our 9-Week Beginner Running Program is perfect for anyone who is new to running. In the Beginner Running Program, you’ll go from run/walk segments, to longer steady-state segments of continuous running. It’s a foundational program that’ll build your engine—the right way. 

Cardiovascular Endurance is the foundation on which the rest of your fitness stands. Without a strong cardio base, all of your workouts will feel harder. After you finish the Beginner Running Program, you’ll look, feel, and act like a different person. 

What You Can Expect

  • A beginner-specific, tested, well-thought-out run program that builds over time. You’ll go from walking to running in just 9 weeks. 
  • Overall improvements in every area of your fitness and daily life—because cardio is king. 
  • Friends and family constantly commenting on your happy-go-lucky disposition. (Hooray for the runner’s high!)

The Details

Here’s what you get from us in exchange for your hard-earned money:

  1. A beginner-specific 9-week running program with 3 days per week of training sessions. The sessions should take 30-60 minutes to complete. It can be used as a standalone program, or as an add-on to your current training/sport.
  2. A 3-part, comprehensive running program that builds over time. You’ll go from run/walk segments, to longer steady-state segments of continuous running.
  3. Easy-to-understand pacing instructions. You’ll go “hard,” “easy,” or “moderate.”
  4. Provided warm-ups and cool-downs (run-specific) to help keep you safe, effective, and intentional.
  5. A downloadable PDF so you can plug your plan into your schedule ahead of time and make it work for you.

Can I add this program to my current training? 

Sure thing. This can be used as a standalone program, OR as an add-on. 

How long does each session take?

Plan for 30-40 minutes per session. 

Do I need certain equipment or gear? 

An essential running kit includes proper running shoes, weather-appropriate run clothes, and a quality sports bra for female runners. It’s important to have access to correct footwear, preferably built and used only for running.

How are paces calculated?

The intensity with which you exercise is one of the most important aspects of training and physical fitness. In this program, you’ll calculate your pace based on exertion: easy-moderate-hard. 

​​Who is this program for? And are there any prerequisites? 

Beginner Running is for the newbies who want to build a strong cardiovascular foundation. Prior to the start of the program, you should be able to walk at a moderate-to-fast pace for 40-60 minutes with relative ease.

(If you’re not a beginner, but want a better engine, then the Complete Endurance Program is for you.)

May I see a sample of the programming?

We thought you’d never ask! Just enter your email below and we’ll send it your way when it’s available.


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