The 10-Minute Air Bike Time Trial

The air bike, recognizable through brands like Assault Bike or Echo Bike, stands as a cornerstone in the world of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). With its capacity to engage multiple muscle groups and work with air resistance, the air bike provides a potent calorie-burning tool. Today, we’re going to share tips to help you get the most out of a 10-minute air bike time trial. This tough but useful fitness test can show you how well you’re doing. Follow our strategies to boost your score on this test and see how you compare to others.

Warm-Up Routine

Proper preparation is crucial before commencing a 10-minute time trial. We suggest the following warm-up routine to increase your heart rate, loosen your joints, and minimize injury risk:

  1. Bike 5 minutes at an easy pace.
  2. Follow this with 6 rounds of:
    • Bike 30 seconds at a hard pace
    • Bike 30 seconds at a recovery pace

Take enough time to rest until you’re fully recovered before starting the time trial.

The 10-Minute Air Bike Time Trial

Set your “Target Time” for 10 minutes on the air bike. Once you’re prepared, hit “Enter” and begin your trial. Here’s how to pace yourself:

  • Minutes 0-1: Swiftly accelerate for the first 15 seconds to a high, but controlled pace (hard-very hard), accumulating calories while fresh. However, avoid maxing out or maintaining this speed too long. Aim to reach a steady, moderate-hard pace by the 30-second mark.
  • Minutes 1-4: Settle into your moderate-hard pace. It should be challenging yet sustainable.
  • Minutes 4-7: This will be the hardest phase psychologically. It’s important not to fall off the pace during these minutes.
  • Minutes 7-10: Give everything you’ve got. This is where you’ll push past your comfort zone and maximize your accumulated calories.

Remember to note your Average RPMs during the time trial, as this is the metric we’ll use to pace your workouts in our 12-Week Air Bike Program. If your brand of the air bike doesn’t display the Average RPM metric, make your best guess based on what you managed to maintain during your trial.

Wear a heart rate monitor during the time trial if possible. Record all data including your Average RPMs for future comparison.

Cool Down and Recovery

After your workout, begin your cool-down with 10 minutes of biking at a recovery pace. This will help to gradually bring your heart rate back down and begin the recovery process.

Fueling your body post-workout is also essential. Consuming high-quality proteins and carbohydrates will support muscle recovery and replenish your energy stores.

Consistency and Progression

Consistency is key in any training plan. The more you practice, the more efficient you will become. Monitor your progress and incrementally increase your intensity levels over time. Remember, it’s not about who’s the fastest or who gets the best score—it’s about personal improvement.


To get the most calorie burn from a 10-minute air bike time trial, you need to know your machine, set a good pace, use your whole body, and make sure to warm up and cool down. If you keep at it and use the right methods, you’ll start to see the results you want.