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10-Minute Air Bike Time Trial

Before (Warm Up)

Warm up well. We suggest the following:

Bike 5 minutes at easy pace, followed by:

6 Rounds

Bike 30 seconds at hard pace
Bike 30 seconds at recovery pace

Rest until fully recovered before the test.

During (Time Trial)

Set “Target Time” for 10 Minutes. Once you’re ready to perform the trial, hit “Enter.”

Pace yourself on minutes 0-4. Don’t fall off the pace on minutes 4-7, which’ll be the hardest psychologically. Finally, give it everything you’ve got in minutes 7-10.

After (Cool Down)

Bike 10 minutes at recovery pace.

Make sure to record all metrics so you can compare the next time you perform this test. If possible, wear a Heart Rate Monitor during the Time Trial. Record all data for future comparison.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to note your Average RPMs during the Time Trial, as this is the metric we’ll use to pace your workouts. If your brand of the air bike does not display the Average RPM metric, make your best guess based on what you managed to maintain during your test.